Congratulations Justine & Frank

Congratulations Justine & Frank!

We had such a fun time working with such a great couple. Throughout there planning process it was so exciting to see all the little details get put together that wowed their guests for their most special day!

Working with the clients you get to learn a lot about them and what they want their special day to be like. One thing that is always a surprise for us though is THE DRESS! Justine’s dress and accessories were so beautiful displayed in our Jade Suite, and even more beautiful once they were on the Bride.

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17 snapshots that need to be taken on your Wedding Day!

Capture the Moment Photo Booth

The ‘big day’ is around the corner. You have the venue booked, your guests have RSVP’d. Now its time to think about the days events. Planning photography poses ahead will save you time, give you a chance to think about what kind of photos you would like to look at the rest of your life and lighten the stress of the day.

So, where to start? Think about where you would like to put the photos, maybe in a picture frame next to the bed or along the walls. Search many photo examples online and make a scarp book of what you like. Give these photos to the photographer a couple days before your event so they can prepare.

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Quirky Cakes

This quirky wedding cake features minifigure chefs and hand-molded fondant bricks — a sugary delight for any self-identified Lego fan.

Cupcakes by SJ created this delightful and fun confection.

Requests for similar Lego cakes have poured in, much to the surprise of the bakers behind Cupcakes by SJ. The owners have since clarified on Facebook that they aren’t a cake business, but rather a family that loves to bake for friends and family only. They did, however, express their gratitude for the outpouring of support.


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The pros and cons of a large wedding party

Perfection to Detail

Winter wedding party photo

As soon as MPR & I got engaged, one of the first things we did (after picking a date) was select our wedding party. It didn’t take us long, but we knew we were going to be dealing with a big group of people. What started as six members on each side quickly grew to seven and then eight. Then we threw in two ushers and a ring bearer which brought us to a wedding party of 19. Adding the two of us brought it to 21.

It’s not that either one of us has a big family, but we both have a lot of close friends. We have elementary school friends, high school friends, and college friends, and we just couldn’t picture our big day without all of them by our sides. Especially for my girlfriends, as we’ve always daydreamed about each other’s future weddings. In college, when someone went…

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