Decadent Desserts!

Dessert is a very popular part of a wedding, especially for your guests with a sweet tooth. Wedding cakes have generally been the most traditional option for dessert, but here at the Van Dusen Mansion we see all sorts of delicious dessert options.

dessert optionsOur exclusive catering company, Mintahoe Catering, has a large variety of alternative dessert options if your looking for something fun and unique your guests can enjoy. Our Mini Dessert Bar is sure to have something for everyone including chocolate dipped fruit, brownie pops, and mini sweet shooters which are delicious and fun for all ages. Another great option we offer is “S’mores Indoors!” which is great option no matter what the season.

Some of these desserts are used to simply compliment the wedding cake. A wedding cake is practical, beautiful, and of course a tasty treat. Having a wedding cake personalized with your colors, flowers, or favorite flavor is a great way to serve guests and get the dessert you want.

VDM Cakes

VDM Cakes 2











The cakes seen above are just some of the fun, lovely, and elegant cakes we have seen at the Van Dusen Mansion. As you can see no two wedding cakes are exactly alike. A wedding cake can be decorated as simply or as extravagantly as you desire. No matter what your preference displaying your wedding cake in front of our grand fireplace makes for a great cake cutting picture.

cake cuttingNo matter what dessert or desserts you choose  to serve on your special day the Van Dusen Mansion will surely find a creative and beautiful way to display your desserts to make them look even more delicious and really wow your guests.

dessert layout

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